Public schools neglect grammar and writing. The SAT does not.
"Language laxity infects students. They cannot write a literate, correctly punctuated sentence and cannot think logically. Universities require a course in critical thinking, but for kids who think, like, in spurts and speak, like, in mumbles, the course is an enigma." Roger S. Peterson’s guest editorial, 11/26/04 The Sacramento Bee

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Public schools don’t teach grammar and punctuation:

Teachers believe mechanics are unimportant, but many of them are grammatically uneducated. Unionized public school English teachers avoid weekly writing assignments to avoid taking home work.

Standard English grammar, punctuation, and writing skills are essential to passing the revised SAT. Such skills are important in the global village of e-mail and the Internet.

My typical adolescent client is proficient in math and science but can’t punctuate properly and can’t compose an essay. College profs are frustrated by the communications skills of California graduates. My tutoring focuses on standard English grammar, essay writing, and preparing for the dreaded SAT. I am not an English teacher who holds mechanics in disdain; I am a published writer/author who knows mechanics are important.

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