"Even CEOs need writing help, said Roger S. Peterson, a freelance writer in Rocklin, Calif., who frequently coaches executives. ‘Many of these guys write in inflated language that desperately needs a laxative,’ Mr. Peterson said, and not a few are defensive. ‘They’re in denial, and who’s going to argue with the boss?’” The New York Times, December 7, 2004

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EXECUTIVE WRITING COACH AND TRAINER : Are you being criticized for ambiguous memos, reports, and emails? Is your career on hold until your writing becomes clear and correct? Roger S. Peterson, a Sacramento-based writing trainer, can help you improve your written communications. On-site training classes, one-on-one coaching, or on-demand copyediting are all available.

STUDENT WRITING TUTOR: Roger S. Peterson provides professional tutoring to students who have suddenly realized California public schools have cheated them on standard English grammar and essay writing skills. Both are required for passing the revised SAT.

FREELANCE BUSINESS WRITER: White papers, web pages, trade journal articles, and brochures can burden your small staff. Many marketing people write poorly. Outsource to an experienced, published business writer with a strong sales and marketing background.

MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS : Roger S. Peterson has been a high tech business to business marketing communications manager and consultant for 30 years. His book is the American Marketing Association’s official handbook on the subject. Peterson is one of 196 Professional Certified Marketers of the AMA.

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