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Do you really have time to write it yourself?
White paper, press release, media kit, trade journal article, dealer manual, style manual, speech, research report ... whatever the project is, you know you can’t drop your chief duties to write it well. And when you finish writing it, you will face questions about ambiguous language and suffer jokes about incorrect grammar.

You don’t need that. Face it you are paid to be a manager, not a writer. The solution: Outsource that project to an experienced business writer.

And are you objective enough?
Insiders presume too much because they are so close to the issue. That’s why lawyers don’t defend themselves. Outside writers are far more objective. They ask the questions that break the tunnel vision and the false assumptions.

Frustrated by committee authorship?
Committees meet; they do not write. People on a committee presume they each must say something. Everyone demands to be heard. But a good business writer does the due diligence that captures the correct information and outlines it logically. Only then can vested interests react to a coherent proposal, sign off on it, and permit the writer to finish the writing task. That’s how a good writer hits the mark in one or two drafts.

What Roger S. Peterson brings to your writing assignment...

  • Peterson has been a reporter and writer for five trade journals -- he knows how editors think. His views on business writing have been featured in The New York Times and on NBC Nightly News.
  • Unlike many writers, Peterson’s acceptance rate on proposed articles is high. To date, he has more than 100 by-lined articles, four of which became cover stories. He has two published books. Short projects. Big projects.
  • Peterson’s Project Platform Process (PPP™) helps build the consensus necessary to reduce the number of drafts and shorten the writing time. He can get the job done faster than you can ... and less expensively.
  • His textbook publishing background -- working with PhDs in all fields -- enables him to dissect subjects, cut out the jargon, and grasp the “politics” of your field quickly. In short, he’s a fast learner.
  • Unlike most marketers, Peterson has a vital perspective -- a field sales background.
  • Peterson has ad agency and high-tech marketing communications management experience. He understands how your writing project relates to other marketing tactics.
  • But unlike an ad agency, Peterson has no employee overhead built into his writing fees.
  • Peterson has extensive public speaking training and experience. He knows how to write a speech to the style of the speaker.

Past clients: Semiconductor manufacturing, cryptography, hardware/software, healthcare, retail systems, financial, construction, non-profit, telecomm, educational products ... and more.

Typical writing projects:
  • Website white papers and newsletters
  • Ghosted trade journal articles
  • Corporate writing/style manuals
  • Dealer manuals
  • Position papers
  • Executive briefing center manuals
  • Advertising and ad collateral copywriting
  • Brochures and fulfillment pieces
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Direct mailers and direct mail campaigns
  • Media Q&A s and press kits
  • Press releases
  • Tradeshow presentations
  • Secondary research summaries
  • Critique company marketing literature for integration/cohesion
  • Speeches
"The advantage I had working with Roger was that I was able to provide a rough outline and direction and he was able to not only pick up the fragmented pieces, but organize, prioritize and recapitulate...not to mention fix them when needed. Roger is able to grasp subjects quickly and identify key questions that need to be asked. He possesses a keen sense of people and knows how to work with diverse personalities to get the required information to complete the task at hand.

I have worked with many outside consultants and I can place Roger at the top of my list for getting the project complete and done on time. Roger brings the skills and resources necessary to get the job done on time and on budget."
Dawn O’Conner Rowe

Writing awards and cover stories:

  • 1999 Addy Gold Award-winning “ PASCO Scientific: The Famous Chocolate Experiment.” Sacramento Ad Club
  • Nominated for Best Non-Fiction Magazine Article, Western Writers of America, 1994.
  • Four cover stories: American History magazine (August 1994), Comstock’s magazine (March 2005, December 2006, May 2007)

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