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The Secret to Incentive Program Success

"The Secret to Incentive Program Success:
Incentive ROI that makes bean counters smile!"

Most incentive programs are like a leaky garden hose. The pressure is turned on by dangling the incentive but the hose leaks throughout the whole company. The ripple effect from the leaks can eliminate any profits gained from the incentive.

This 158 page book describes what executives should do before turning on the hose. First, an incentive program should be seen as an investment that yields a return on that investment. But most companies just do the same old thing every year without noting the changes around them. Sloppy math and naive assumptions ruin incentive programs.

The Dawson/Peterson book breaks incentive program management into eleven steps, among them setting objectives, identifying business cycle flow, guarding for outside factors, and budgeting -- crucial steps that must be taken before awards are chosen. The steps are illustrated with both success stories and incentive programs that failed. The authors also weave one case study through all the steps.

Table of Contents

Guest Preface
Preface: Is this you …or will it be? Why you might want to read this book


Chapter 1: Compensation: Building an incentive program on solid ground
Chapter 2: Your Business cycle: Like water running through a garden hose
Chapter 3: Setting Objectives: Be careful what you wish for
Chapter 4: The Ripple Effect: Don’t make waves!
Chapter 5: External Environment: What they do affects you, too
Chapter 6: Lining Up Perceptions: What you think versus what they think
Chapter 7: Budget Planning: Everybody in the pool
Chapter 8: Managing Your Incentive Investment Risk: Keeping your eye on the ball
Chapter 9: Creating a Rules Structure: Strategic design to improve both profit and cash flow results
Chapter 10: Incentive Awards: Evaluating and prescribing what works
Chapter 11: Tracking Results: Creating an incentive annuity


Appendix 1: Helpful resources for incentive programs
Appendix 2: Ten changes that can increase the ROI of incentive/motivation programs
Appendix 3: 30 worst mistakes management makes with incentive/motivation programs
Appendix 4: Dawson guide to incentive ROI terminology
Appendix 5: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs applied with incentive programs
Appendix 6: Return on investment (ROI) hierarchy of needs: Incentive buyer
Appendix 7: Return on investment hierarchy of needs: Incentive participant
Appendix 8: Peterson’s 10 tests of a good market strategy

THE MAGIC MEGAPHONE: How to get your projects unstuck and back on track in under 60 minutes,” coauthored with Nick Montoya of INTEL Corporation, 128 pages.

The Magic Megaphone


Foreword: John Johnson, CIO, Intel Corporation Introduction

PART ONE: The Magic Steps

Step 0 -- Re-orient
Step 1 -- MegaMission
Step 2 -- MegaBenefits
Step 3 -- MegaTargets
Step 4 -- MegaMagic
Step 5 -- MegaPlan

PART TWO: MegaSuccesses


Available at

AMA Handbook for Managing Business-to-Business Marketing Communications”, Dr. Nick De Bonis and Roger S. Peterson, NTC Business Books/McGraw-Hill and the American Marketing Association, 372 pages.

AMA Handbook for Managing Business-to-Business Marketing Communications


PART 1 — Of Birth . . . or Rebirth

1. Marcom In Relationship Marketing: The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

2. The Warfare Of Perceptions: Marketing Is a Noun, Sales Is a Verb

3. Tomorrow’s Agenda: Damn the Torpedoes!

4. Defining Markets & Matching Messages: What Business Are You In?

PART 2 — Building a Macro Platform for Marcom

5. Research & Evaluation: No More Wet Fingers in the Air

6. Building the Foundation: the Communication Audit

7. Building Consensus for Action: The Marcom Summit

8. Design & Product Identity: Of Icons & Images

PART 3 — Managing the Micro Tools

9. Advertising & Collateral Sales Literature: Practicing the World’s Oldest Profession?

10. Relationship Database Marketing: Spending $20 to Make a Dollar

11. Direct Response Marketing: Laser Strikes on the Targets

12. Trade Shows: Military Staging for Closing Sales

13. Event & Seminar Marketing: There’s no business like show business

14. Telemarketing: Creating a Second Sales Staff

PART 4 — Managing Important Relationships

15. Public Relations: The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

16. Financial Relations: Of Stockholders and Stakeholders

17. Employee Relations: Creating Job Ownership That Customers Notice

18. Community & Government Relations: Don’t forget to call home!

19. Crises & Contingency Planning: Managing the Unmanageable


A. Marketing Information Platform (MIP™) -- Sample Form

B. Project Worksheet & Platform -- Sample Form

C. News Release Worksheet -- Sample guide & Checklist

D. Tradeshow/Exhibit Marketing Checklist

E. Legalities and copywriting -- Guidelines

F. Legalities and Trademarks -- Guidelines

G. Business Marketing’s "Copy Chasers" Guidelines For Good Advertising.

H. Ketchum Public Relations/Pittsburgh’s crisis marketing Message Action Plan (MAP).

I. Comprehensive site inspection checklist for event marketing.

J. Analysis of Marcom Efforts vs .Marcom Dollars Expended: De Bonis & Peterson R/E Ratio™.

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