B2B Marketing/Communications Management

All marketing department have occasional crunch times: a big tradeshow ... sales/dealer meetings ... new product introductions ... annual marketing plan review ... a white paper or other writing project.

Why drain your staff? Outsource the project to experienced talent.

Contact Roger S. Peterson, PCM™, business to business marketing communications specialist. Check out his biography.


   Outsource your marketing function

Some organizations are too small to employ a full time, experienced professional in marketing/ communications. But the experience is there on a contract retainer or project basis: Roger S. Peterson, PCM™.

   Your marketing ‘second-opinion’

You sense something isn’t right? Or you just want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. Retain Roger S. Peterson as a second-opinion on strategic direction and execution.

Consider it a form of marketing risk-management. Roger can also provide a more structured assessment using his RSP Marketing Diagnostic Survey.

Example: One CEO had doubts about a major mailing piece and retained Roger to examine it. Roger requested he be told absolutely nothing about the mailer but instead be given the preliminary comp to review. The result: changes were made to the mailer to strengthen the message.

   Your go-to contract marketing communications project manager

Need someone to re-evaluate your tradeshow program or initiate an ad campaign? Some tasks are too overwhelming for current staffers...yet the tasks need to be done correctly. Call someone who’s been there, done that. Call Roger S. Peterson.

   Authority -- Roger S. Peterson is co-author of the “AMA Handbook for Managing Business to Business Marketing Communications,” the American Marketing Association’s primary reference on this topic.

   Perspective -- Peterson had two successful sales careers. He knows how field sales people think. Peterson has been a “stringer” on the media side. He knows how editors think. Peterson has worked for ad agencies. He’s been a client. He’s been a high-tech B to B marketing communications manager.

   Objectivity -- As an outside marketing counsel, Roger Peterson won’t “marry the natives” -- a common tendency among in-house marketing employees. Peterson is not an ad agency, so advertising is not his only tool. He is not a PR firm, so public relations isn’t his only tactic. Peterson’s recommendations flow logically from the communications audit you participate in. As an experienced generalist, he uses what works for you -- and takes no commission on media, graphics design, production, or printing.

   Certification -- Peterson is among 196 persons in the U.S. (only 13 in California) who have earned the Professional Certified Marketer (PCM™) designation of the American Marketing Association.

Contact Roger S. Peterson via email today: Peterson@sacramentowriters.com