What’s the value to you?

Roger S. Peterson has been in sales. He’s been a product manager. He’s been a high-tech marketing manager. Peterson’s book on business-to-business marketing communications management is the AMA’s official reference on the topic. He is one of 196 Professional Certified Marketers (PCM™) in the U.S.A.

The added value:

a broad, realistic and credible perspective on B2B marketing/communications management

Roger S. Peterson’s MIP™ process -- the work horse of a communications audit -- slices the time it takes management to reach company-wide consensus on strategy and marketing tactics.
(Test your market strategy...free).

The added value:

faster time to market with less backtracking


   Increased management comfort level...You get an operational marketing plan that’s consistent yet flexible to a changing environment

... and no more 3:00 a.m. anxieties about your marketing effort.

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